Delta County Memorial Hospital Volunteers

The Hospital Volunteers were organized in 1976 with 22 women who strongly felt the need to give something back to the community. Today it consists of 114 women and men who donate their time in 16 areas of the hospital and participate in health fairs for Delta County. Total number of hours volunteered to the hospital in 2012 were 19,227.

The Volunteers operate the Wish-U-Well Gift Shop and candy machines and the proceeds from these sales purchase equipment for the hospital and fund healthcare scholarships for local students.

Volunteers are always needed!

Why Volunteer? Volunteering is not only an opportunity to give back to the community, but it is also good for your health and longevity. By volunteering you have an opportunity to help the staff and patients and you also have an opportunity to help yourself. A recent study at the University of Michigan found that volunteering, more than any other activity, dramatically increases life expectancy.

Some findings from the study include:
Men who volunteer at least once a week lived significantly longer
Participants with heart problems who volunteered had reduced cholesterol levels

Volunteering is a way to stay connected with people and those with many social contacts tend to live longer than those who are more isolated regardless of race, income or level of activity.

Sign up to volunteer today!!

Applications may be picked up at the Visitor Desk in the mail lobby at the hospital or click here to view and print an application. For more information please contact:

Joyce Picard, Volunteer Coordinator, 970-874-3841 or

Bobby Miller, Volunteer President, 970-261-1325