Quality Department

Quality Services are services that are provided in a safe, effective, patient-centered, time equitable and recovery oriented fashion.

Delta County Memorial Hospital is committed to the on-going improvement of the quality of care its consumers receive, as evidenced by the outcomes of that care. DCMH continuously strives to ensure that the treatment provided incorporates evidence based, effective practices and that the treatment and services are appropriate to each consumer's needs. Risk to consumers, providers and others is minimized and that errors in the delivery of services are prevented. Consumers' individual needs and expectations are respected and that they, or the person they designate, have the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding their treatment.

The Quality department consists of:

Quality Director

Corporate Compliance

Risk Management

Infection control

Employee health

Information Systems Resource nurse

Accreditation Coordinator

Quality Assurance

Patient Advocate

In-patient Wound Nurse

Utilization review/Case Management