Delta-Montrose Home Health Services

70 Strafford Lane
P.O. Box 10100
Delta, CO 81416

Contact Us:
Phone: (970) 874-2463
Fax: (970) 874-2477

Our Mission:
To provide the highest quality, most cost effective, comprehensive and compassionate home care services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations; to collaborate with other healthcare providers in order to assure a coordinated and integrated services delivery.

We see patients of all ages. The only requirements for services are:

1. The care must be ordered by a physician licensed in Colorado.

2. The patient must be in need of skilled care on an intermittent basis.

3. The patient must meet the criteria of his/her payer source.

Consultations are available to answer your home care questions.

Services We Offer:
Skilled Nursing
Experienced Registered Nurses provide the following care:

Assess the patient's healthcare needs.
Provide the highest level of skilled nuring care, including wound and IV care.
Instruct the patient and family regarding the skills to cope with lifestyle changes.
Manage medications.
Educate regarding illness.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
Physical and Occupational Therapy: Registered Physical and Occupational Therapists provide the following care:

Assist in regaining lost mobility, motor skills, and function.
Provide treatments and exercises to help relieve pain.
Teach the use of adaptive equipment to improve a patient's independence and quality of life.

Speech Therapy: Licensed speech therapists help with written, verbal, and nonverbal communication, as well as assist in better understanding and language skills.

Certified Nursing Aides
Certified Aides provide the following care:

Assist with personal care such as eating, bathing, and grooming.
Assist with prescribed exercises.

Medical Social Services
These valuable consultants:

Help locate additional community services as needed.
Provide counseling to better help a patient respond to medical treatment.
Assist with financial issues and eligibility requirements for assistance.

Case Management for All Medical Needs
We work with a large network of qualified professionals to assist with medical equipment, pharmaceutical, dietary and respiratory care needs. All of your health needs will be coordinated by your primary clinician.

Services Available for Children and Adults

Insurance Coverage:
Home Health is covered by most insurance companies, but coverage varies according to individual policies. DMHH accepts the following:

Worker's Compensation
Private Insurance
We will complete and submit claim forms to your insurance company for you.