Delta County Memorial Hospital Pharmacy has an experienced staff of seven registered pharmacists and ten pharmacy technicians.

Our staff includes pharmacists: Cari Dillon, PharmD, David Lloyd, RPh, April Oberheu, PharmD and Board-Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, Dawn Jensen, PharmD, Jesse Cook, PharmD, Phil Neary, PharmD, and Mark Carlton RPh, MBA.

Staff technicians include Bonnie Miller, CPhT, Rhonda Curtis, CPhT, Bruce Koenig, CPhT, Carlos Arellano, CPhT, Jill Young, CPhT, Kelly Morfitt, Casey Atchley, Jerilyn Burkholder, Kayla Morfitt, Desiree Morfitt, CPhT, and Konni Overturf, CPhT.

Pharmacists review every medication ordered by doctors to assure that the best medication therapy is selected for that patient. The pharmacists monitor drug interactions as well as potential medication dosing corrections tailored for the patient's specific treatment. We screen all orders for accuracy, correct dose, renal function, drug-drug incompatibilities, and at the top of the list: allergy conflicts.

The pharmacy serves every department of the hospital and works closely with doctors and nurses to provide the best care possible. The pharmacy is a very important part of the hospital and dispenses more than 250,000 doses of medication each year.

In addition to our inpatient pharmacy, the Grand Mesa Oncology/Infusion Center is served by its own pharmacy. At this location, specially-trained pharmacists review and monitor the medications requested by the physicians in the center. The pharmacist works with a chemo-certified technician who prepares the ordered medication for each specific patient's needs.

Our pharmacy technicians are locally hired and trained on-site. The technicians are involved in all phases of medication preparation and work along side the pharmacists to assure each medication dose is prepared and dispensed accurately for our patients. We take pride in hiring from within the local community and we value every individual's strengths in our department.

We hope you have a pleasant stay at Delta County Memorial Hospital.

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Oncology Pharmacy